Thursday, October 15, 2009

Join The Campaign- Save The Babies!

This is a campaign for community awareness and education! In order for people to stop dumping their babies in a rubbish pit, they need a choice or a solution to their "problem." As unfortunate as it is, we can't simply say DON'T DUMP YOUR BABY HERE! Because if they follow those instructions, they will just dump the baby elsewhere!

The campaign is to show them alternatives, to save lives! We will be directing these babies to a "safe haven" or a receiving station so we can place them in a baby's home for proper care under the guidance of the local authorities.

Here is our progress report:
  • We have an award winning graphic designer volunteering to design the signs!
  • We have a sign printer in the USA who has volunteered to print and ship the signs!
  • We have local public officials backing our efforts!
  • We have fellow NGO's ready to help in our our efforts!

Here is what we need:

  • DONATIONS to locally build the metal frames and install the signs in concrete.
  • The final approval from Child Protection Services, and senior authorities.
  • YOUR PRAYERS for a successful project.
  • Final wording to get the message across, in two languages!


1 comment:

Chrissy (Lauren's mom) said...

Sounds like God is on the move!
Praise His Name!
I am so excited to hear how God Will Provide!
Please know that you are in my prayers!