Monday, October 5, 2009

God Knows What We Can Handle

With the wind blowing in my face at 11:00 pm it is exhilarating to say the least especially after doing our evening radio show. It gets my adrenaline up as we deliver the evening message of the Word of God. What a wonderful opportunity He has given us to serve Him. As Jennifer and I headed back home after we finished the show I was thinking how God wants us to do His work. The night air is refreshing and maybe a little chilly sitting on the back of a motorcycle as our boda driver guides us around pot holes and bumps and safely gets us back home. I think; what am I doing on a motorcycle on these roads and at this hour and in this country? This is God's plan? He is funny! And I am wide awake! But I am not complaining, I asked for an evening time slot and He answered!

We did the show by ourselves again this week, just me and Jennifer. We were prepared for our solo this time and things went well. Pastor Moses had a robbery where he is staying and they took everything he had, which wasn't much. Even his clothes! So he needed the night off and we were able to handle the show, Praise God! Please pray for Pr Moses!

God never gives us more than He knows we can handle. Well maybe a little bit more just to keep stretching us and our faith. We were just having this conversation with the pastor last week about God providing provisions, and he was wondering when God was going to start to provide just a little bit more for him. Then he gets punched in the face with something like this. Yea, sometimes He really stretches our faith. So Moses really does need your prayers for renewed strength and encouragement!

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