Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Touch of England

Our Family had the opportunity to tour our neighbor's English Gardens!

Jim and Beryl enjoying a cup of tea, except Jim was really drinking coffee!

Our good friends here in Soweto, Masaka are Allen and Beryl Went. Their Ministry is Love in Action, a Christian Charity who help children through many ways' including building schools. Besides us, they are one of the few that take care of teenagers, it seems so much of the time organizations or volunteers pay more attention to the little children. So it is how the Lord balances things out. Allen and Beryl are from the UK and as international as we all are here in Uganda; with friends from Canada, Denmark, UK, Trinidad, Germany, Sweden, and us from the USA, we all are here to serve the Lord!

Beryl has a wonderful garden of flowers and vegetables and lots of trees. The whole compound presents God's creation and they showcase it well. This was a wonderful opportunity for our children to visit another ministry as well as see how beautiful a compound can be. This visit was also a way of the children to say thank you to the Went's for assisting us, by lending us cook when we recently needed some help. The visit was especially nice because it was within walking distance from our compound.

Praise God for these small blessings that sometimes are so intertwined that you discover blessing on top of blessings!

After the tour we had a tea party under a huge mango tree and yes it was as pleasant as it sounds. You really begin to appreciate a place like this here in Uganda, because much of the time we are exposed to the opposite environment. Yes a real English tea party in the garden! Our kids got on the drums and we all worshiped and prayed in thanksgiving.

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