Saturday, June 6, 2009


Dear Friends,

This month we are on a Sponsorship Campaign. We currently need about 60 more sponsors at the $28.00 per month level to meet our budget. We are not going to be overwhelmed about how much we need, because all of our sponsors have come one at a time and we know the Lord sends us everybody and everything we need! Please take this opportunity to tell your friends about our work here in Uganda with these children, and of our outreaches of bringing the Gospel of the Lord to those that are waiting for it. As always, please pray for us. We know the power of prayer!

What I am asking is; Will you please tell one friend a day, or a week or every time you come to our blog and give us your committment to share our story with others?

We would also love to hear from our current sponsors that have a testimony on how the Lord has blessed you as you have blessed us each month!

Believing He Will Provide,

Jim Fruehan

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Mrs. Bushey said...

James and I will be making a small donation, although we cant commit to a monthly donation at this time. I've also posted about this on our blog, hopefully a few new sponsors will come of it.

Melissa Bushey