Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Gift of Sight

A couple weeks ago we joined forces with Fay Girouard, who is the Director of "To Africa With Love," for a special project to give the gift of sight!  We went to a village church that was leading a crusade for all the people in their surrounding area.  Part of the purpose of an event like this is to show the Love of Jesus in all that we do. So on this particular Friday and Saturday afternoon, we set up shop to perform a basic eye exam and distributed free glasses that had been so generously donated by many people as well as the Lion’s club.  We had a long line of people who patiently waited for their turn, and as they waited, they listened to the Gospel preached by church members.

Fay was trained by an optometrist, who had also given her examination lenses, so she was equipped to perform the eye examinations.  After Fay gave the examination, I would fit them with the optimum lenses that were comfortable for reading.  When you hit the right lens strength, all you have to do is watch their face for a big smile and observe how they would continue to read, like it had been a long time without a drink of water.  

One woman told me she was a nurse and was having trouble reading things like the vials of medicine.  A few people were pastors who were having trouble reading their bibles.  We had children that couldn't see the blackboard at school or some who were having difficulty with their book work.  So it was a blessing to many people, and over the course of two days we saw 90 people!

We did have a few people that needed more specialized treatment, like cataracts or a more complex prescription.  We pray that they will be blessed by God someday so they too will be given the gift of sight.  

Thank you for your prayers and financial support that allows us to serve!


thecorrineb said...

How exciting. It's just another way the blind can see. We love miracles but miracles can come n many ways.

Anonymous said...

What a warm and heartfelt story. May the New Year bring blessings to you and those you are helping.