Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here Is What I Am Hearing

It has been about twenty years since I communicated with my little niece Becky before she died at the age of about nine. I was learning, but only spoke "broken sign language" as I watched my brother and sister-in-law masterfully sign to her. It was simply another language. So many times as I listen to the Ugandans speak their native tongue I realize how much we don't hear when we don't understand.

I find this very interesting! Through my journey of villages in Uganda, I have come across deaf children on at least three different occasions. The children that I have met are not going to school and are just left to stay in silence with maybe only the basics being met. I think that just because they can not hear, they receive no education at all. But there are schools for the deaf here. So there is hope!

When I attempt to speak to any of these children that I have come across, they are so excited and seem to realize that I know they are "in there" just waiting to come out. I believe the Lord has placed this on my heart. Let's just say there have been signs from God. I tried to phrase an account of a sign but it doesn't word well. Sometimes when the Lord speaks to me, it is not in words, but in feelings. I am not sure how He wants me to proceed with this.

Before I can take anymore children in, we need more funds. Especially a project of this nature. If we have people that have a heart for a special needs child, specifically (at this point) deafness, and the Lord wants us to do something, then I am ready. Before I came to Africa I had a feeling about the needs of developementally disabled chidren. This is an area that I have had experience and the passion. The key word here might be "special needs" and that could be someone who needs a cane to walk.

Let me know what you think, and how we can help!

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