Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The MinistryCycle Update!

Here is a little update on the MinistryCycle. The motorcycle is now in service as a boda and it provides transportation for our ministry. After much prayer, our decision was to hire Richard as our boda driver. He is the older brother of the three children that we reunited earlier this year. The whole family is together now. Richard who is 20 years old was in need of steady employment and we needed a driver who we could trust.

The preliminary figures show that we should have income of about 150,000 schillings per month from the driver lease and in addition to that we should save about 70,000 schillings per month for our transportation. For a total 220,000 schillings, that is the equivalent to about $110.00 per month. (Our total monthly operating budget is about $2000). We will keep you updated as we track more time on this project.

Now we have two income programs in place for our goal of becoming partially self supported. During this next month, we will be updating you on our farm project.

Both of these projects were made possible by our donors!
Thank you!

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