Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tonight, as I was sharing with Rock about space travel, I realized how valuable all of us can be to these children. As we were looking through this outdated book of World history, there was only one page on space travel, and the same applies to numerous other events in history. In just my lifetime, so many events and advances in technology have occurred from transistor radios to computers and cell phones and yes, space travel is another whole area of huge advances.

So what do you have to offer these kids? Probably a lot more than you could ever imagine. I was just reading today about mentoring; where the article said that it was sharing of knowledge of life experiences from an older person to a younger one. It also mentioned how rewarding it could be the mentor as well, which you will find the same is true if you ask any missionary. Here in Uganda, it is just the knowledge that we have learned over the years just because of the modern world that we lived in. It is pretty hard for a young person to understand space travel when you can hardly find a paved road here or even a dirt road in good condition. Most have not flown in a plane or even some have not seen one. But they have cell phones here, not many microwave ovens and most have never seen a washing machine let alone a clothes dryer.

We teach about Jesus and we pray and worship together every night. We have family dinner together and share stories and celebrate birthdays. We talk and share about our family experiences and how God works in our life. What we really give, is of ourselves. Do you know what? That's what the kids really want and need.

Yes, we need some more modern books of history, science, geography and the like. But we also need people to share their lives with these kids that are craving education and knowledge. It is pretty exciting when you see how new some of the old is to them! Wide open eyes and ears ready to soak up the knowledge and them asking questions and somehow for us having an answer is amazing to see. I didn't know how much I knew about space travel until I was asked, and all I answered with is my general knowledge of my life experience.

It is at times like this that I see the Holy Spirit work in me. Usually I notice it during Bible teaching or in sharing the Word, but I Discovered, if you are doing God's work; He is there through all things all the time!


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