Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We are pleased to officially announce the kick off of the H208 Project! This project is to drill for a deep well at Jireh Children’s Center in Masaka, Uganda. It will be below bedrock and will provide pure water to the children and teachers. The preliminary estimated cost of the project is $8500.00, it would include a preliminary report of drilling location, depth, sealing off of shallow water, sealing the top, provide PVC casing, hand pump and concrete platform for proper water runoff.

The good news is we already have $1250.00 allocated to this project from The World Water Day event that was held in Billings, MT on March 30! So we just need $7250.00 more.

Please pray for our water project. A Clean supply of water means life. The water that is currently available needs to be boiled before use. With this many children, we know that some water might get slipped by, because of thirsty children that just don’t understand.

Actually the well will eliminate a few problems; the current government water supply is not dependable, it is often shut off without notice and at times the pressure is very low, and we will save on the cost of usage as well.

This water project is spearheaded by the Lord; He just keeps showing us that this is in His plans. I kept having a feeling about a water project but it seemed that logically it would be in another year or so. But when the Lord says that it is time; then I surrender. He brought the World Water Day project to us, followed by several people that are interested in helping, which includes other ministries, strangers and friends.

As I am here in Uganda for the next four months, it is an opportune time to supervise this project. I ordered the preliminary report from the drilling company. This drilling company has come highly recommended by some ministry partners that have used them.

If you wish to contribute to this project, please write H208 in the memo on your check or in the “notes” on PayPal through our web site www.HeWillProvide.org

But most important, Please pray for this project!


Lacey Nicole said...

Praise the Lord! We will be praying for God to bless this project. Thank you Jim and Robyn for truly being his hands and feet. What a blessing for these people to finally have clean water. We take SOOOOOOO much for granted here. It really makes me think about how great it feels to have fresh water every day to drink, wash dishes, laundry, cars, and shower in. To think about having to haul and boil all the water before using it makes me well up inside for these beautiful people. May God bless this project beyond what we ever possibly hoped for or imagined. Mark 9:41
Anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.

lana said...

Jim and Robyn,
Thank you for the updates. You are on our hearts and in our prayers daily. We are so excited about H2O8, and can't wait to see it all to completion. Also, we are so thankful that God is allowing more frequent internet access - your story about Joseph and Moses was a blessing. God is always at work and uses what the enemy plans for destruction for His glory! Praise His mighty Name!
Love you,